Cloud Architectures

Carl, Geert and Kristof, Mobicage’s founders share a long background of datacenter automation and cloud architectures. In the past they sold products and companies operating in these areas to the big players in the IT industry (Symantec, Sun Microsystems, Terremark, …).

As “cloud” and datacenter automation becomes more common, we want to share the experiences that we built in these areas over the years.

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Google App Engine

At Mobicage we started developing the Rogerthat backend on Google App Engine in the summer of 2010.
We selected Google App Engine for its architecture and the way it forces you in a certain development model.
It reminded us a lot on how we built the Q-Layer cloud infrastructure. Q-Layer was acquired by Sun Microsystems, to support the public cloud they were planning to build.
In the meantime we built quite some experience on Google App Engine, by running our own Rogerthat cloud infrastructure on top of it.

Besides using App Engine we also partner with AppScale Systems. AppScale is a private Platform-as-a-Service. AppScale is an open source implementation of Google App Engine (GAE). Leverage the brilliance of the API driven GAE model as a private or hybrid cloud solution. Create your own Google-style cloud under your control and without restrictions. At Mobicage we use AppScale to provide our customers with private versions of Rogerthat.

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Mobile Apps

At Mobicage we like challenges. Once you have a deeper look on our product Rogerthat, you will immediately understand that technical challenges are the kind of things we wake up for in the morning, work on through the day and keep us awake during the night. Difficult problems just make our hearts beat faster.

The challenges for mobile are not small. There are tons of different devices, their network connectivity is far from optimal, and still, users expect a great experience. Also the application of mobile apps are so wide and most of the time very cool.

For already more than three years, we are developing for Android, iOS and Windows phone, and doing it we built an enormous amount of experience in mobile development. Besides continuing the development of the Rogerthat platform, we offer this experience as well for custom projects, promising great mobile apps for your business.

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